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مهندسون , Al Marwah Dist.

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  • Eng. Abdulaziz bin Mahmoud AlJuhani Engineering Consulting Group

    Al Marwah Dist., Jaddah

    In view of the rapid and well-developed developments in various fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, adoption of the latest techniques reached by the developed world in addition to the need of residential and economic cities, which are currently being implemented in accordance with the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, and his loyal crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz. Regarding the huge volume of projects in various cities, provinces, centers and abandonment, it was necessary to focus on engineering consulting offices and ensure the availability of human potential, most modern equipment and types of engineering programs, so as to make sure these offices can carry out study, design, planning, supervision, and land surveying in the best way possible. Hence, the Saudi Engineers Board have taken many measures to raise the level of efficiency of engineers in all their specialties and focus on quality, not quantity, in addition to evaluating these offices and classifying them into groups and each group plays a specific role commensurate with its size and potential. As for our engineering group and our main office in Jeddah province, which it was established in 1421H and we try hard Inshallah to raise its level and benefit from our expertise to reach the highest level. There are no obstacles or difficulties to achieve this goal if there are a genuine determination and well-done work. We have achieved a lot and remained the most and we are always optimistic, and hope for well, what we have achieved over the past years of engineering design, implementation, planning, surveying and - documented - supervision for the projects of the government & private sectors, in particular the supervision of those charitable projects of the Foundation for King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz for his parents for housing development in addition to other government projects to several ministries, which aims to provide suitable housing for the most needy groups in Saudi society in all regions of the Kingdom.

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