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طوب احمر , Al Hamadanyh Dist.

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  • Saudi Red Bricks Co.

    Al Hamadanyh Dist., Jaddah

    Saudi Red Bricks Company was established in 1956 to develop a new concept in the structural clay products industry and cater to special needs of growing construction activity in the Kingdom. Since its inception we have been using high quality clays to ensure that bricks and blocks produced in our plats met the most stringent international standards. I order to produce high quality bricks and blocks on a consistent basis, we started expanding and modernizing our plant in 1975, and never look back. Highly automated machines and equipments were installed at every stage of manufacturing process. This laid the foundation of the modern brick industry in the Middle East. We did not just end with the finished brick in our yard. We placed a distribution system that could transport our products to domestic and international markets. In its present capacity the plant can confortably fulfill the present as well as future need of the market demanding large quantity at a time.

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