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Real Estate Development & Management Companies , Al Rahmaniya Dist.

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  • Mosa ِAbdul Aziz AlMosa and Sons Group Real Estate

    King Abdulaziz Road, Al Rahmaniya Dist., Riyadh

    One of Saudi companies in real estate development in all fields of residential, industrial, office and commercial Founded Musa bin Abdul Aziz Al Mousa in 1414 AH at the hands of a man my son the first property in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al-Mousa. Nahla, who from the experience and patience and perseverance character and ethics of the profession and professional assets, which are considered one of the early pioneers of real estate in the Kingdom of generations of experience in the field of investment and development, architecture and real estate marketing. Thanks to God and the wisdom of company management and the contributions of experience working with the company was able to be a leader of the pioneers of the property, contributed to the development of the movement of real estate investment through the provision of many of the schemes of land “Residential – Commercial – investment – industrial” and that has been providing all the infrastructure services infrastructure of their “Asphalt – lighting – electricity – water – sidewalks,” until you reach the citizen is ready to build a home or project, and to complete these services to promote the site plans that have been carefully selected urban, the company creates construction projects giant “housing units – commercial centers – warehouses – industrial cities, “the best specifications and of high quality, with attention to detail, and also contributed to the development of the movement of real estate marketing through to keep pace with modern developments in the field of modern marketing consultant and became the right of the first directory in the property.

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