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Kitchen Eqpt & Supplies (mfrs & Suppliers) , Hanakiyah

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  • Panorama Kitchen Est.

    Hanakiyah, Madinah

    Since 1426 we offer the best in the aluminum industry and the trade of its supplies. We started by focusing on the quality and craftsmanship of the industry and taking care of the customer's dedication. The company has a number of specialized machinery in the field of aluminum parts in addition to the presence of a number of modern marble laboratories belonging to the institution. 13 branches, including the main exhibitions Panorama Design, the second ring, Panorama Sultanah, Migration Panorama, Panorama 5 Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, Azizia Panorama, and other branches such as the Gulf, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, and Jerusalem. Our mission: The speed to meet customer demand is the constant concern of all our employees, and when our team serves the customer so quickly, they ensure the points that increase the loyalty of customers towards the company. Our vision: To become one of the leading aluminum and kitchen manufacturers worldwide offering high quality products filled with creative ideas. Our Values: Dealing transparently with the customer, respecting our commitments with the customer to actively work as a team. * Today our services range from design to manufacture: 1 - Aluminum kitchens and wood in individual homes, residential complexes and government buildings. 2 - Construction of aluminum windows and doors in hospitals, schools and government buildings. 3 - Setting up screens for the facades of palaces.

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