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    Qassim, Qassim

    Atmari - the story of the beginning of the story has not yet ended In the city of Dammam, the bride of the East Coast and in one of the days of 1416 AD inaugurated our first exhibition (Altwaijri complex) we embarked on a march that continues to this day in the story of Asamiya you were our valued customers, you are its heroes. In 1422, your confidence in our work has led to a deliberate expansion. Your satisfaction and the establishment of a lasting relationship - with the help of God - under the principle of our original value conservation, where our exhibition began all the fruits in the area of ​​Medina in a vision of horizontal expansion through which to consolidate our principles in quality and expand the circle of our customers and partners in the success. And because our ambition does not stop at the limit and you are our valued customers deserve the best The impact of the continued development of the development of the shoulders of the success achieved by us .. And so we jumped to a wider world was Atmari in 1427 AH as a start to further development and expansion of the product before the expansion of marketing so was the story of the beginning in a success story has not yet ended - God willing - the story of the success of the heroes and you and purpose of you and continued with the help of God Almighty support Dear Customers. And thank you from the heart. who are we: A Saudi company specialized in dates, food products, sweets and popular dishes. Our branches are located in all cities and governorates of the Kingdom. We are exclusive owners of many brands

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