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Aluminium Products , Sultanah

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  • Al Rajhi Aluminium Co.

    Sultanah, Madinah

    Category(s): Aluminium Products

  • Al Safwa Aluminium

    Sultanah, Madinah

    Category(s): Aluminium Products

  • Grand Spars Co. For Aluminium

    Al Eyoon Road, Sultanah, Madinah

    Category(s): Aluminium Products

  • Jawharat Al Kunooz Aluminum

    Sultanah, Madinah

    Category(s): Aluminium Products

  • Shams Al Safwa Aluminium Co. Ltd.

    Othman Bin Affan Road, Sayed Al Shuhadaa, Al Madinah Al Munawwarah 42323 2422, Sultanah, Madinah


    Shams Al Safwa began activity as a sole proprietorship in 1984, corresponding to 1404 under the name of (Shams Almadina Aluminum), a branch of Shams Almadina Contracting, then turned into an independent institution stand-alone under the name of (Shams Al Safwa Aluminum Est.) until 1434. Due to the expansion of activity and diversity of products necessary to turn to the Foundation joint venture, has been in this year 1434, corresponding to 2013, where it became the entity under the name of (Shams Al Safwa for Aluminum Co. Limited).

    The company is based on the diversity of the sections that make up the diversity of its products, in terms of what sets us apart is we have so private sectors of the company bearing her name is pulled from our specially sources of supply and that our commitment to diversity to suit all tastes and possibilities with our customers. The company has a section for structural double glass and Carteenwall, Skylight systems, and Cladding with all the different specifications, shapes and The section of stainless steel. There is a special section for external Shutter all types of internal and external forms, manual handle or remote electric and quality rolled aluminum sectors, which gives the required strength and durability.

    There are windows and doors in all its forms and sizes hinge, sliding and awning section, and are manufactured from Alsafwa sectors of all publications, including normal Safwa sector, super Safwa (10 cm), private Safwa (12 cm), allowing customers to multiple specifications to choose including what suits them, as well as the diversity of colors, aluminum sectors, as well as a choice between different types of glass thicknesses starting from 6 and up to 24 mms.

    There is a special section for table slices Protection (grill) all required forms and colors, and all Products Conformity to the standard specifications for Saudi Arabia.

    Mission of Shams Al-Safwa Aluminium Co.:

    To maintain excellence in aluminium industry so that the company remains the first choice of all our customers; to pay attention to total quality of all products, to meet our customers' needs and expectations with our commitment to honesty in all our transactions; to develop our employees' capabilities, based on the fact that they are our partners in success; to take social responsibility towards serving our nation, and to maximize the capital return.

    Our Vision:

    To keep our pioneering status in the market through constant development; to keep on providing various effective services to our customers, and to achieve international recognition in aluminium industry in terms of quality, services and development.


    1. Commitment to excellent service

    2. Quality of all our products, services and operations

    3. Respect our customers, contractors and even our competitors.

    4. Innovation of ideas, concepts, designs and implementation

    5. Transparency and integrity in our activities and business management.

    6. Provide optimum levels of service through effective, resilient and efficient performance.

    Category(s): Aluminium Products