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تخليص جمركى In Saudi Arabia

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  • Khaled Munaisher Office For Customs Clearance 0556464012

    World Trade Center, Intersection of Hail Street with Hamza Shehata, Al Baghdadiyah Western Dist., Jaddah

    Our office is keen to provide customers with unique & quality services. Providing “Better Service” is our Office basic policy as we care a lot for our customers and seeking innovative solutions to their problems. Our team holds a recipe sense of responsibility towards our customers. Our customers always feel that we care for their precious time when we do our best to expedite their transactions in a professional way. We promise to become better than your expectations. Khaled Munaisher Cargo & Custom Clearance 1- Free Storage areas. 2- Periodic reports on your merchandise. 3- Transfer means the transfer of your goods insured.
 4- Refund of customs duties linked with insurance.
 5- Specialize in all the work of customs clearance.
6- Special representative to receive your transactions documents from your location.
 7- Dealing professionally with problems that might hinder your customs transactions.

    Category(s): Customs Clearance, Transport Companies & Services

  • Al Hozaim Customs Clearance Est. 050-0475006

    Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    Al Hozaim Customs Clearance Your first choice if you want fast delivery and accuracy in execution - Clear all types of goods delivered to the Jeddah Islamic Port and ensure that they are transported to warehouses for all regions of the Kingdom safely and safely. ✔️ Best customs clearance ✔️ Delivery of goods from Jeddah Islamic Port ✔️ Consulting and customs solutions free of charge for our customers ✔️ Export and its attachments

    Category(s): Customs Clearance


  • Sultan Muhammad Zain Kadah Est for Customs Clearance and Transportation

    King Khalid Street, Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    نرحب بكم في مؤسسة سلطان محمد زين قدح للتخليص الجمركي والنقل , ويسعدنا ان نقدم لكم خدماتنا الاحترافية في مجال التخليص والنقل والتخزين وذلك عبر فريق عمل مدرب على تنفيذ العمليات اللوجستية المرتبطة بالاستيراد والتصدير , ونعلم اننا في سوق ذو تنافسية عالية ولكننا نتميز عن الجميع بالسرعة والانجاز والخبرة الطويلة لمنسوبي المؤسسة في خدمة عملائنا .....

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Customs Clearance

  • Fahed Al Bader for Clearing Custom

    Aziziyah Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Customs Clearance

  • Al Maraj Customs Clearance & Trans. Office

    King Khalid St., Al Rabiah Dist., Dammam

    We offer our services in custom clearance services for import and export consignments. Using our valuable industry experience and a team of experts, we complete the entire processes within the stipulated time frame. Mobile: 0500312028

    Category(s): Customs Clearance

  • Al Naimi Group For Trading Services (Custom Clearance,Inte'l. Cargo, Transportation

    Al Menaa Street, Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    Landmark Near Riyadh Bank - Opposite Issam Ghabani Co.

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Customs Clearance

  • Hoory For Customs Clearance

    Malaz Dist., Riyadh

    Hoory For customs clearance. More than 25 years of experience in customs clearance of goods imported through Riyadh airport and dry port in Riyadh. Our expertise and specialization in clearance

    Category(s): Customs Clearance

  • Mousa Eid Office Trade & Services

    Office No. 201, 2nd. Floor, Al Subai'i Center, Al Baghdadiyah Western Dist., Jaddah

    Since the Office was established in Muse's trade and services in 1988, nearly twenty-seven years, Jeddah city, became our office one of the leading customs clearing offices, under the distinguished leadership of the Director-General Mr. Musa khy since the beginning of the establishment of our Office, and management is to provide outstanding services commensurate with the needs of our customers with full focus on customer satisfaction. Is

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Customs Clearance, Storage, Transport Companies & Services

  • Al Awagi Customs Clearance

    Malaz Dist., Riyadh

    Al Awagi for Customs Clearance Riyadh: King Khalid International Airport Riyadh: Dry Port Dammam: King Abdul Aziz Port Companies – Establishments – Individuals We are pleased to serve you Clearance of goods Import-Export 1- Follow up the arrival of goods 2- Receiving the authorization of delivery from the shipping agents and recruitment from brokers. 3- Translate the commercial invoice, print the customs declaration and then prepare the transaction on the same day. 4- Follow-up procedures for detection & inspection. 5- Payment of customs duties and receipt of customs clearance (notification). 6- Transporting goods to customer warehouses throughout the Kingdom.

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Customs Clearance

  • Atyaf Al Muheet Office For Clearance

    King Khaled Street, Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Customs Clearance

  • Shawalah Establishment

    Al Mena Dist, Dammam

    Shawalah Establishment is an institution with various activities, was established in 1399 Hijri 1979. And seeks to provide better services to keep pace with rapid development to create a work environment in order to fast-growing success of our customers. We prove to our customers through the years that we are one of the best in our field the spectrum through the struggle to provide the latest technology and tools needed to succeed.

    Category(s): Customs Clearance, Freight & Logistics, Heavy Transport & Lifting Eqpt, Transport Companies & Services


  • Clearance Solutions Est.

    Mena Streat, Al Hindawiah Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Customs Clearance

  • Abdul Rahman Al Otaishan Group For Contracting

    Al Otaishan Tower, Abu Hadriyah Road, Al Manar Dist, Dammam

    Landmark Beside Ministry Of Information

    Category(s): Contractors, Customs Clearance, Petrochemicals, Trade General, Transport Companies & Services, Travel And Tourism Agencies, Tyre