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  • Awdah Al Biladi And His Sons Contracting Co. Ltd.

    Al Wabra Dist., Madinah

    The company is one of the most important companies in the road construction sector Madinah has been established for 40 years It is one of the companies rated by the Contractors Classification Agency  And since it is a specialized company in the field  Roads, bridges and buildings  Has contributed significantly to the construction and development of infrastructure In Madinah, the courtyards and the neighboring villages are linked Areas with highways and development This is illustrated by the amount of projects entrusted to it Madinah Al Munawwarah and beyond, and the confidence of its customers to what they have touched And full commitment to the implementation of the projects assigned to it, all thanks to God And then the good management responsible for the company and engineering department  The specialist is a very high efficiency.

    Category(s): Concrete, Contractors, Road & Service

  • Arabian Tile Co. Ltd. (ARTIC) Head Office

    King Abdul Aziz Street, Al Rowdah Dist., Riyadh


    ARTIC is one of the leading Building Materials Manufacturers in the Middle East.

    ARTIC Products Ranges are:

    Pavers, Interlocks, Kerbi's, Terrazzo Tiles, Cement Tiles, Planter Boxes, Trash Boxes, Tables and Chairs, Light Poles, Panels, Bollards, Grinding and Polishing Stones (GPS), Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG), and Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) in the Gulf region.

    The Company was established in 1975, as a part of AGGAD investment company (AICO) providing customers with high quality products and services. At ARTIC we pride ourselves on our solid track record of achievements and commitment to our customers.

    The Company has ten production lines; four in Riyadh, two in Jeddah, four in Al-Kharj, dozens of showrooms and a strong wholesale distribution network covering Saudi Arabia and other GCC Countries.

    The success​ of ARTIC is based on four major strategic pillars (CEUC):

    • Commitment to quality and innovative products, as the management continuously invest in R&D departments, and accept nothing but the highest quality in all company aspects.
    • Excellent product know-how, accumulated through over 40 years of experience, shared between all company employees, supported by most advanced ERP system. 
    • Unparalleled capacity of executing big and high-end projects through its state of art production facilities, and solid projects track record. 
    • Commitment to invest in human capital, not only by attracting highly qualified employees, but also through the dedication of the management to continuously develop and train these employees.


    To emerge as a leading brand in the market of Flooring, Cladding and Outdoor Furniture materials.


    • To gather Customer Satisfaction.
    • To produce high standard and innovative products.
    • To enhance manpower & machinery for faster production facility.
    • To improving marketing strategy for increase the volume of sales.
    • To establish new factories and showrooms all over the GCC.

    Category(s): Block Mfrs & Suppliers, Bollards, Building Materials, Ceramics, Concrete, Interlock, Tiles

  • Esnad Ready-Mix Concrete

    Um Al Moamneen Ayisha St, Al Fayhaa Dist., Makkah

    Category(s): Concrete, Concrete Precast

  • Saudi Readymix & Contracting Est.

    Briyman, Jaddah

    Establishment Policies - Quality Policy - Saudi Ready-mix and Contracting Est. are committed to providing maximum customer service in order to achieve all customer requirements, using technology and the value of competition within its sources. Established the department for Quality Control commensurate with the quality control requirements while this section is subject to the modernization and development and continuous review Standing systems and procedures through experience and knowledge in system administration to quality as subject to all its employees for training appropriate legal to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all our operations productivity.

    Category(s): Block Mfrs & Suppliers, Concrete, Concrete Precast, Contractors, Crushers

  • Al Jazera Concrete Company

    Al Zayed Dist, Makkah

    Founded island Ready-mix two branches of Taif and Mecca in 1980 and since its inception has taken upon itself the principle of work to get the best results and the best services that meet the ambitious and satisfied customers.

    Category(s): Concrete, Concrete Precast

  • Wadi Redan Co. Ltd. For Trading & Const.

    Street 48, Madinah, Madinah

    Landmark Modon - Industrial city

    Category(s): Block Mfrs & Suppliers, Concrete

  • Al Jawad Tire Retreading Factory Co.

    Phase. 4. Street No. 121, Industrial Area, Jaddah

    Landmark Industrial License No. 2834

    Al Jawad Tire Retreading Company is a subsidiary of AL MADINAH COMPANY for COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES. It was founded in the year 2000. A relatively new player in the retread market but boosted by a team of highly skilled and experienced retread individuals.

    Al-Jawad Tire Retreading Factory is located in Phase 4 of Jeddah Industrial City. It was founded in the year 2000. At that time most of retreading factories were producing poor quality retreads which has resulted to a less enthusiastic response from prospective companies. They have destroyed the customer trust in Retreading. Al-Jawad through is existence works hard to rebuilt this trust and strive even harder to produce quality retread and deliver exceptional service.

    Al-Jawad commissioned its factory capitalizing on one single competitive advantage which is high quality retread. Now it is well known for its high retread quality. This competitive advantage rewarded Al-Jawad with a distinction of being the prime mover and a Market Leader in Saudi Arabia.

    All factory machineries were bought from and assembled by Italmatic S.R.L. of Italy a leading tire retread equipment manufacturer in Europe. Acquiring state of the art equipment put us in the cutting edge of our industry and helps us ensure production of high quality retread. Additionally, Al-Jawad is committed to use only High Quality Rubber Product in its retreading business. Currently it uses VIPAL Rubber Compounds importing from BRAZIL, VIPAL is a very famous and well know Retreading Rubber Compounds manufacturer in the Retreading world. And Supercool and Beluga GOODWAY Tread Rubber importing from Malaysia. GoodwayRubber Company is also a leading Rubber compounds manufacturer in Asia; they also produce Tread Rubber & Equipment for the retread industry.

    Al-Jawad Tire retreading company also has an OTR retreading line with the capacity to retread OTR Tires up to 51 inch rim size and capable of producing up to 3,600 Truck tires per month. During the past 9 years in operation Al Jawad has produced around 120,000 retread tires with the vast majority consisting of truck tires and others are forklift and OTR tires.

    Category(s): Cargo Sea , Land & Air, Concrete, Contractors, Heavy Equipment, Lubricants, Rubber, Tyre


  • Al Muhailib Group Co. For Cement Products

    king Abdul Aziz Street, Buraida, Qassim

    Category(s): Cement , Gypsum, Concrete, Concrete Precast

  • Al Houssain & Al Afaliq Co.

    almubraz, Hofuf, Al Hasa

    History Al Houssain & Al Afaliq Company HACO is the first Ready Mix Concrete supplier in Al-Ahsa, and the company has built a reputation over the years that is synonymous with reliability, fast service and high quality products. Increased production capability from 50 cubic meter per hour in 1976 to 800 cubic meter per hour at present time had made HACO the pioneer and leading supplier of high quality Ready Mix concrete, Masonry and Insulated Blocks, and aggregate HACO played a major role in the construction and development in A Ahasa area, by providing the industry with high quality products conforming to the internationally accepted Standard and Specifications; for both big and small projects that include: Commercial and Industrial buildings, Schools, Palaces, Mosques, Hospitals and Housing projects. For more than two decades, HACO maintained to be the Approved Vendor of SAUDI ARAMCO, Saudi Electricity Company SEC, and the Ministry of Communications in the area. Vision As a global industry leader, we work to provide high quality and reliable products and services to customers and communities in the region. We advance the well-being of those we serve through our efforts to pursue innovative industry solutions and efficiency advancements and to promote a sustainable future. Mission Our mission is to serve the global building needs of our customers and build value for our stakeholders by becoming the Kingdom’s and the Gulf’s most efficient and profitable building materials company. AH Group of Companies AL Houssain & Al Afaliq Group is considered to be one of the leading groups of companies in the Kingdom, particularly in the Eastern Province. AH Group was established in 1976 in Al Hasa, 320 Km east of Riyadh, and has since expanded successfully through different aspects and areas of the business world. The Group consists of the following companies : bullet Al Houssain & Al Afaliq Co. For Ready Mix Concrete (HACO) bullet Al Ahsa InterContinental Hotel bullet Al Ahsa Automatic Bakeries Co. bullet Shopping Mall Co. bullet Al Ahsa Cold Storage Co. bullet Al Ahsa Plastic Products Co.

    Category(s): Block Mfrs & Suppliers, Building Contractors, Concrete, Contractors, Steel & Iron

  • Al Jarousha Readymix Concrets

    Al kakia Street, Al Okasheyah Dist., Makkah

    Landmark Behind Vegetable Market

    Category(s): Block Mfrs & Suppliers, Concrete, Contractors

  • Al Wajeeh Holding Company

    Aziziyah Dist, Khamis Mushait

    Category(s): Concrete, Contractors, Holding Companies