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شاحنات معدات وقطع غيار In Saudi Arabia

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  • Environmental Envelope for Trading Est.

    Aisha Aisha off Palestine Street behind Bridgestone, Palestine St., Jaddah

    Environmental Envelope for Trading Est.
    Establishment of the Environmental Envelope for Trading in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Jeddah The main activity of the Corporation is the supply, installation and maintenance of brake control systems from crushing and concrete mixers (Dry Textile Filters) in Saudi Arabia. Spare parts for the maintenance of filters and their systems and the implementation of annual maintenance contracts for existing filters.

    The Environmental Envelopment Corporation for Trade is one of the seven institutions operating in the Kingdom and authorized by the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection to exercise this type of activity and In order to comply with the European and American regulations in the supply and installation of anti-polluting systems from crushers and asphalt mixers, the Corporation has carried out many installation projects for filters in the major companies of the crushers and throughout the Kingdom. This has earned a good reputation, Relative covenant

    Category(s): Cement , Gypsum, Crushers, Truck Equipment & Parts


  • Modern Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd

    Al Sulay Dist., Riyadh

    Modern Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd. which is considered a distinctive mark in the saudi industry was launched in its new shape before tow years as it acquires expreience of20 year in the old building of company, and it could attract many customers due to its possession of the latest equipments and machineries all over the world, and these equipments are currently run by the high technical experienced stuff so that it can continue grwth and development to present a unique model in the modern steel industries i saudi arabia. Modern Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd, adopts future and expansion plans inside and outside Saudi Arabia according to deliberate strategy so that its name will means the high quality of modern steel industries in saudi arabia. The company is distinquished with getting many certificates of excellence, appreciation and quality in the field of manufacture of vehicles carriers with different sizes, trailers, dump trucks, tanks, boxes as well as every thing related to industry of steel structures. the same also applies to maintenance, as the company has the best technicans who provide the simple and quick solution to larg problems in addition to possession of hydraulic systems of vehicle carriers and dump truck and all requirements of manufacture of structures and it has also european axes and bases of the finest raw materials whose capability is proved in the local market the most important factors which participated to the success of the company is successful management and industtrial techniques as they have larg and main part along with its full commitment to the highest international quality specifications and standards, in addition to an integral team of high quality technical and professional stuff and this thing led to get the confidence of our customers, especially larg companies. in addtion the company promotes the competence of its personal through training and qualifying courses. further the company has got ISO (9001:2008 | 14001:2004 | 18001:2007) as it observes international specifications in all production lines

    Category(s): Truck Bodies, Truck Equipment & Parts

  • A.H. Al Sayyed & Sons Trading co.

    Zaid Bin Haritha Street, Old Industrial, Riyadh

    Category(s): Car Parts & Accessories, Truck Equipment & Parts

  • Abdullah A. Al Nahlah Est.

    Old Industrial, Riyadh

    Category(s): Truck Equipment & Parts

  • Abdullah Alshqida & Partners Co. Ltd.

    Kilo 8, Old Makkah Road, Jaddah

    Category(s): Truck Equipment & Parts

  • Ahmed Bin Nageeb Trading Est.

    Old Makkah Road, Jaddah

    Category(s): Truck Equipment & Parts

  • Al Bakri Buses Spare Parts Shop

    Al Msaneea Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Truck Equipment & Parts

  • Al Batin Trading Est.

    Khaleej Dist., Dammam

    Category(s): Truck Equipment & Parts