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مكاتب استقدام In Saudi Arabia

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  • Dar Al Salam For Recruitment

    King Abdullah Road, Madinah

    Landmark Erwa roundabout - next to the hotel of Shomoukh

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Al Mawarid Manpower Solutions Company

    Rabwa Dist., Riyadh

    Mawarid Manpower Solutions Company was founded in 2012 as one of the major manpower companies in Saudi Arabia to provide workforce services and mediation services for individuals and for the public and private sectors. The company is licensed by the Saudi Ministry of workforce upon the decision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry No. (296 / ق), dated 12/07/1433 AH as a judge to approve a license to establish Mawarid Manpower Solutions Company (a closed joint stock company - under construction).

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Al Rawabi Recruitment Office

    Olaya Dist., Riyadh

    Al Rawabe Recruitment provide a higher quality labour recruitment service to the customers.

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Alajeer Recruitment CO.

    Hasa St., Riyadh

    Arco is founded to be a leader in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of labor services & recruitment to provide professional support services for human resources needs, labors who were qualified and experienced. Arco provide professional labor services for both public & private sectors as well as individuals, includes the mediate in labor recruitment & the provision of professional labor services ensuring the rights and obligations of the parties in relation to mediate in labor recruitment, and providing labor services processes

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Jeraisy Recruitment

    King Fahd Branch road, Al Murab'a Dist., Riyadh

    Abdulmajeed bin Abdulrhman Al-Jeraisy Recruitment Company. A Joint stock company licensed to provide mediation in labor recruitment and labor services to others, according to the Commercial Register issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry No. 1010373085, date: 06/26/1434 and license issued by the Ministry of Labor No. 14 / SAE and the date: 15/01/1435.

    Category(s): General Services, Recruitment Office

  • Saudi Manpower Solutions Co.

    King Abdullah Road, Salah Uddine Dist., Riyadh

    Saudi Manpower Services (SMASCO) is the first Saudi company specialized to provide human resources support services and to mediate in recruitment services to various sectors and disciplines of specialized and professional human resources as well as specialized domestic and non- domestic manpower of both sexes. “SMASCO” Company was keen on designing and creating integrated solutions to recruit the human resources of various types of professions which suit the requirements and needs of its customers and include solutions for members and solutions which are matching with the labor market for the business and public sectors. The company is finishing all the main stages of the previous procedures with the particular authorities and abroad coordination and processing human energies before and after arrival in an effort to comply with the requirements of the local labor market, and those efforts can be modified to create special and new concept in the field of providing manpower services. The company is providing widespread branches equipped with enough human and technical resources in order to achieve easy access and providing quality services for its customers and employees in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Mahara Recruitment Co. - Head Office

    King Fahd Rd, Al Nakheel Dist., Riyadh

    Mharah aims to provide the labor market with workers of various professions (medicine and nursing – technology and architecture – occupational and non-occupational – domestic helpers) to meet the market demand by emphasizing on training and developing its team to provide better services to its clients. Furthermore, Mharah focuses on offering creative and innovative solutions to Human Resource Departments in different sectors and companies. Mharah’s foundation is built with a strategic partnership with one of the oldest manpower service agencies which is in the business for over three decades. The team of Mharah is made up of a combination of fine experts in the field of sponsoring and training manpower. In addition, Mharah relies on remarkable leaders and founders that have been in the labor market for years and are looking forward to build a unique partnership with their clients.

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Bassam M. Abdul Rahman Recruitment Office

    Sulaimaniyah Dist., Riyadh

    Middle East for Recruitment Center is one of the biggest recruitment centers In Saudi Arabia which Provides professional support services for labor Recruitment.

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • First National Human Resources Company

    Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd, Al Zahra Dist., Riyadh

    The company should be the first national companies to bring the first and excellence in the provision of qualified human resources scientifically and professionally experienced for all parties, whether public sector or private sector or individuals according to their needs and requirements through mediation or hire manpower.

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Shatha Acharuq

    Exit 15, East Ring Road, Riyadh

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Jussur Emdad Manpower Supply

    Al Zahra Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Majid Recruitment Office

    NO ANS, Al Faiha'a Dist., Riyadh

    MAJID Recruitment provide an excellent services in the field of labour recruitment, Our office located in Riyadh.

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • AlMutahidah Recuritment

    Al Ta'aown Dist., Riyadh

    Almutahidah Recruitment is considered a specialized firm in the “Recruitment Business” in KSA; it was founded by a group of well-experienced professionals who have been in the market for long time. This will assure a higher quality service provision to our customers. The company is being aware that success rests on its continual commitment to fulfilling the requirements and needs of all stakeholders.

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Eastern Recruitment Office - HEAD OFFICE

    King Faisal Street, Al Khobar

    Eastern Recruitment Company is an emerging single source recruitment company endure alone specialties in manpower supply and recruitment services, with the mission of providing the highest level of human resources selection and recruitment to companies in Saudi Arabia. We are one of the leading manpower suppliers in Saudi Arabia.We strictly adhere to all laws and legislations of Ministry of Labour We endeavor to render comprehensive solutions meeting or exceeding client needs and adding value to the projects. Eastern Recruitment staff is composed of an international group of professionals, highly qualified in areas such as HR recruitment, selection, mobilization, administration. We have a wide knowledge in different areas of human resources which are supported by a network of regional offices and international agencies. This allows us to cover the demands of Saudi Arabian companies and individuals from smallest to largest. Our main office at Al-Khobar and 14 branch offices all over the Kingdom, is very close to serve you better. Incorporating enhanced quality before anything else in our activities and no matter the magnitude, location or significance of our client, giving our client the optimum quality service possible.

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Mmayader Co.

    Al Mrooj Dist., Riyadh

    Mayader has been operating since 1993 and is considered one of the leading companies in recruitment, outsourcing, IT solutions, contact center solution and collecting.

    Category(s): Debt Collection, Recruitment Office

  • Mohamed Al Maneea Recruitment office

    Yasmine Quarter, Riyadh

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Mohammed A. Al Muhaidib Recruitment Office

    King Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • Egad for Recruitment

    Sulaimaniyah Dist., Riyadh

    Ejad For Recruitment

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • A

    Khlediyah Dist., Khamis Mushait

    Category(s): Recruitment Office

  • A

    Sulaimaniyah Dist., Riyadh

    Category(s): Recruitment Office