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  • Jadawell Water Factory Co.

    Street No. 127, 2nd Industrial City, Dammam

    Jadawell Water Factory Co.

    Category(s): Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk, Water Treatment Equipment. Services & Supplies


  • Mariat for Trade and Industry

    King abdulaziz st. , Al Mrooj Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Exit 5

    Mariat Trading & Industry offers the following services: 1- Machines for blowing bottles Integrated solutions for water, juices, oil, medicine and many others. Linear Molding technology is promoted to the highest and most demanding requirements while minimizing maintenance, reliability and flexibility.   2. Packing machines Integrated solutions for packing plastic, glass and metal bottles of all sizes and capacities to fill all kinds of liquids with different viscosity grades.   3 - Machines Lipl All types of LIPL machines, such as hot glue pasting machines, self-adhesive laminates, cold glue, pre-laminated glue, flexible and joint design machines.   4 - carton and grinder machines Filling machines of various types of products in carton or fork or machines of a common design. The machines are compatible with a wide range of products and sizes. 5 - Machines rinsing and sterilizing bottles Fully automatic flasks and sterilizing machines with different designs and energy from 3000 to 90000 bottles per hour according to the type of flask   6- Vacuum packing machines The best German machines for packing, closing the bags, checking leaks and metals with the highest quality and latest German technology. 7. Refrigeration stores Supplying and installing different sizes of refrigeration rooms and freezers. They are specially designed and manufactured according to customers' requests. 8. Dates lines 9. Food factories 10. Water plants 11. Support Services

    Category(s): Industrial Services, Machine Tools, Machinery, Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk, Packaging, Trade General, Trade & industry

  • Nova Water

    Olay Main St., Ulaya Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark Opposite to Al Aowais Markets

    Category(s): Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk, Water - Desalination Equipment & Supplies

  • Sahtin Water Co. ( Moya )

    Sulaimaniyah Dist., Riyadh

    Sahtain Water Company is a leading water bottling company, characterized by providing high quality drinking waters. The Company was established under the Title Name: Sahtain Water Company In Al-Qassim Region in 1977. It enjoyed large sales in the markets with its high quality waters. The product name was later changed into "Moya" in 2011. Our customers' network expanded until it approached all the cities of the Kingdom, such as: Riyadh, Qassim, Mecca Mukarrama,Jeddah,Taif, Medina Munawwarah, Dammam ,Hafr AL-Batin, Ahsa, Arar, Hail and Al-kharij.

    Category(s): Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk

  • Abar Water Co.

    King Khaled Street, Madinah, Al Madinah Al Munawarah

    Category(s): Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk

  • Al Ajab Water Factory

    Unaiza, Qassim

    Landmark Baldat Al Mahallani

    Category(s): Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk

  • Al Dowaliya For Water Distribution

    Sari Gate, Sary St., Jeddah

    Landmark Jarri Bookstore

    About Tawzea The International Water Distribution Company (TAWZEA) was founded in the last quarter of 2004 as joint venture between two Saudi giant, namely, AmiWater (owned by the Saudi Arabia Amiantit Group) and the Saudi Industrial Services Company (SISCO). The company was founded in order to take advantage of the vast experience AmiWater has in global water management, and SISCO’s expertise in the management of industrial city services. BOT Contracts has been awarded in 2007 by Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) in Jeddah, Riyadh & Qassim. TAWZEA specializes in Management of industrial cities, operation and maintenance of Water and Waste Water facilities, and is one of the first companies that have been successful in the privatization of the water sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general and the industrial cities in particular. TAWEZA also provides many solutions in water investments based on its expertise in the application of the concept of privatization of the water sector and investment.

    Category(s): Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk

  • Al Janoub Beverages & Healthy Water Factories Co.

    Military City Rd., Military City Road, Khamis Mushait

    Landmark Beside the New Court

    Category(s): Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk, Soft Drinks

  • Al Janoub Water Factory.Mazan

    Al Salmah Street, Nozhah DIST, Jeddah

    Category(s): Mineral & Distilled Water,Bottled & Bulk