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Engineers In Saudi Arabia

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  • Hazem Rizq (Consulting Engineering)

    Office No 3, Al Majed Building, Abo Babkr Siddq Rd., Al Fath Dist., Madinah

    Category(s): Architectural & Construction, Engineering Consultant, Engineers


  • Dr. Engineer Ahmed Farid Mustafa Office For Engineering Consultants

    Prince Abdul Majed Street, Madinah

    Landmark Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd,

    AFM Consultants is a Leading Architectural, Planning, and Engineering Office based in KSA.

    Category(s): Architectural Consultants, Engineering, Engineering Services, Engineers, Space Planning


  • Eng. Hashem Abdul Hakim Engineering Office

    Al Jamjum Building, Sultanah, Madinah

    With the help of God, the Office began its engineering activity in 1402 AH in a typical style, like the engineering offices Which preceded him in the practice of engineering activity and during the march of the office, his followers faced many difficulties And constraints when they demand contractors to apply engineering specifications in the implementation work, but that was not Making our attention focused on the causes of low quality construction and high cost These reasons have been limited to what we have been able to do as follows: 1 - Lack of engineering information in the plans that are approved with construction permits Lack of awareness among the majority of owners and contractors of the importance of achieving quality. 3 Unskilled labor that carries out the work. 4 The methods of construction used are traditional and there was no interest in applying any techniques with modern techniques. 5 Repetitive errors that result in the accumulation of damages, especially from contractors, and one example is the landing of floors. 6 - Lack of centers of studies and research to monitor the negatives resulting from traditional construction methods and provide solutions To avoid them. Future Path  Therefore, we have conducted many analytical studies of the causes of low quality And the high cost of construction work in addition to follow-up applied research for construction construction systems as well as works Finishing with modern technologies that have great advantages wherever they are found to be applied.  It is also useful to know the results of the experiences of others, especially in the field of construction, whether in countries Developed or developing, which can contribute to saving time and effort resulting in higher quality and lower cost Especially successful experiences that are characterized by many positives, especially building systems in developing countries that are concerned Usually by providing housing for low-income people at a cost that is almost economical and suitable for the citizen's potential Simple and enterprising The construction experiences in developed countries give another type of benefits that are characterized by the mechanization that is produced For higher quality and shorter implementation time and economic cost acceptable and suitable for income of the average citizen.  In the interest of the Office and its ethical responsibility, the Bureau has decided to change its course of action to keep pace with what is new in the Office Building works on scientific bases supported by modern techniques and providing technical information to all who have a relationship and interest Raise the quality and reduce the cost and we are pleased to contribute with us in that each specialist has a desire to do so.  And to keep abreast of our time, which is characterized by informatics that enables anyone to access any information within seconds will We seek God's permission to enable anyone to obtain information and services in the shortest time with many Options and alternatives

    Category(s): Engineers


  • ACE-Consult Engineer Mohamad Elshamy

    Al Hezam, Madinah

    Our goal is to provide the best environment for your lifestyle through the use of the best designs and the most suitable materials to achieve the best results sought by the client under the control of the elements that help to achieve this is the (target - scope - time - cost - resources - The Office covers a wide architectural scope and engineering services on a large scale Study and management of projects, contracts, tenders, architectural and structural design, electro-mechanical design, surveying, engineering supervision, soil work, foundations, road works, traffic and transport planning, Business, offices, companies, educational establishments, leisure facilities, environmental works, health works, interior designs, planning, civil works and landscaping The construction and construction of the longitudinal and longitudinal sections, the calculation of the quantities of the drilling and the landfill using specialized programs, the topographic surveying, cartography and signature and control works (construction, roads, sewage) We also provide project management services at the highest level

    Category(s): Architectural Consultants, Engineers, Space Planning


  • Dar Al Madinah Consultant For Engineering

    Sultana KFC, first floor, Sultanah, Madinah

    Category(s): Engineers


  • Eng. Nazeeh Qarah Office For Engineering Consultants

    Al Madinah Plaza Building, Qurbaan St., Madinah

    We are Eng. Nazih Qara Engineering Consulting Office We were founded in 1402 AH in Madinah, distinguished by a good engineering engineering staff thanks to God and we have reached an excellent number of our works, more than 8,000 sites in Taiba Al Taiba and neighboring villages consisting of residential and commercial projects and distinctive projects such as hotels, wedding halls, mosques, factories, We look forward to getting more and more to make our city the most beautiful

    Category(s): Contractors, Engineering, Engineers


  • Abdulrahman Baothman Engineering Consulting Office

    Thunayan Bldg., Al Rowdah Dist., Jaddah

    About the experience of Eng. Abdulrahman Abdullah Boushman Engineering Consulting Office and its activities We have the honor to present to you the technical and professional definition of our engineering consultancy office, which is attached to it the accreditation of the engineering office with the government agencies, the private entities, the tasks and activities of our consulting office, the projects and the agreements and participations carried out by our engineering consulting firm, (2889) as well as Jeddah Municipality No. (3000139136), specialized in providing services (civil engineering, structural engineering, hydraulic engineering, Engineering and engineering engineering systems). We hope that our engineering services will be fully satisfied and we hope that we will be at your best to reach the goals set and required to be achieved by you with the lowest material costs. Since we have experience in all fields Engineering thanks to God in many engineering fields

    Category(s): Engineers, Industrial Engineering & Consultants Development


  • Al Hegaz for Engineering Consultancy Office

    Safa Dist., Jaddah

    Design - Engineering supervision - Studies - Survey -Sketch - Engineering reports - Decisions Rmra business on the ground - the conclusion of contracts construction Eng. Nasser Mohammed Al-Ghamdi

    Category(s): Architectural Consultants, Engineers, Space Planning


  • Ibrahim Al Qadi Consulting Engineers Office

    Aziziyah Dist., Jaddah

    Eng. Ibrahim Saleh Al-Qadi Engineering Consultants Office experiences and its activities. We have the honor to present to you the technical & professional definition of our office which started its work in 1401H accredited to the Saudi Engineers Organization under No. (184/0) which is registered in Jeddah Municipality under No. (3000066931). Our office is specialized in engineering consultancy works (Planning - Design - Survey Works - Construction Works - Residential Units Sorting).

    Category(s): Architectural Consultants, Engineers, Space Planning


  • Eng. Abdulaziz bin Mahmoud AlJuhani Engineering Consulting Group

    Al Marwah Dist., Jaddah

    In view of the rapid and well-developed developments in various fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, adoption of the latest techniques reached by the developed world in addition to the need of residential and economic cities, which are currently being implemented in accordance with the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, and his loyal crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz. Regarding the huge volume of projects in various cities, provinces, centers and abandonment, it was necessary to focus on engineering consulting offices and ensure the availability of human potential, most modern equipment and types of engineering programs, so as to make sure these offices can carry out study, design, planning, supervision, and land surveying in the best way possible. Hence, the Saudi Engineers Board have taken many measures to raise the level of efficiency of engineers in all their specialties and focus on quality, not quantity, in addition to evaluating these offices and classifying them into groups and each group plays a specific role commensurate with its size and potential. As for our engineering group and our main office in Jeddah province, which it was established in 1421H and we try hard Inshallah to raise its level and benefit from our expertise to reach the highest level. There are no obstacles or difficulties to achieve this goal if there are a genuine determination and well-done work. We have achieved a lot and remained the most and we are always optimistic, and hope for well, what we have achieved over the past years of engineering design, implementation, planning, surveying and - documented - supervision for the projects of the government & private sectors, in particular the supervision of those charitable projects of the Foundation for King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz for his parents for housing development in addition to other government projects to several ministries, which aims to provide suitable housing for the most needy groups in Saudi society in all regions of the Kingdom.

    Category(s): Architectural Consultants, Engineering, Engineers, Laboratory Consultants


  • Al Khandak Office Land Space

    King Abdullah Road, Al Wabra Dt., Madinah, Madinah

    Al Khandak Land Survey Office is an integrated office specializing in all field works. The office owner has more than 25 years of experience in the field of land surveying. The office offers its clients the services of all poor clients • Integrated station ((total stations • Height gauges (measuring device heights) • Satellite system module (GPS systems)

    Category(s): Engineers, Space Planning, Survey- Land Survey Eqpt, Surveyors


  • Afya'a For Consulting Engineers

    King Fahad Road, Sulaymaniyah Dist., Tabuk

    خدماتنا : التصميم الاشراف التخطيط والتصميم العمراني المساحة ادارة المشاريع نظم المعلومات الجغرافية

    Category(s): Architectural & Construction, Contractors, Drainage Contractors, Engineering Services, Engineers, Surveyors

  • Innovators Consulting Engineers

    King Abdulah Street, Sharafiyah Dist., Jaddah

    Our Objectives to provide outstanding architectural planning‭,‬ And engineering services in construction field‭.‬ Innovators has successfully completed many prestigious Projects in saudi Arabia‭ & ‬abroad to the full satisfaction of its Clients in the private‭, ‬public and government sectors‭.‬

    Category(s): Engineering, Engineering Consultant, Engineers