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Ophthalmologists In Saudi Arabia

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  • Madina National Hospital

    Prince Abdul Majeed Street, Al Hezam, Madinah

    Madina National Hospital has been honored and privileged by being inaugurated by the late Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques: King Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz AI-Saud, mercy be upon him, in year 1406 AH . Since the opening of the hospital, the administration has made it a policy of achieving a new high standard of medical care. With continuous development and expansion, we have recruited highly qualified medical staff having western qualifications, and equivalent M. D. , helped by junior medical staff having MASTER Degrees as well as highly qualified nursing and technical staff, using the latest medical equipments and instruments. However, there is no limit to our ambition and commitment. Thus, it is hospital's honor that the number of our outpatient specialized CLINICS have reached FORTY THREE, latest of which is Nephrology clinic supervised by a consultant, as well as the existent of a "Health - Care" Quality Improvement Consultant. We always ask our Almighty GOD for guidance and support to serve the residents of AI-Madinah AI-Monawarah and visitors of the city of the prophet Mohammad , blessing and peace be upon him.

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  • Magrabi Hospitals & Centers

    Airport Raod, Balad, Madinah

    Landmark Mowasat Hospital

    Founded in 1955, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers has evolved from a simple eye hospital in Jeddah, the first private specialized facility in the Middle East and Africa, to become the largest and first sub-specialized medical care network in the region, providing eye care to more than 500,000 patients and doing more than 50,000 sight preserving surgeries annually. In the late 1970's, Magrabi decided to strengthen its position of regional leadership by acquiring ENT and Dentistry practices. With this strategic move, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers further penetrated the region, combining its heritage and experience in other medical fields. In 1997, Magrabi Hospitals & Centers associated in partnership with AMI Saudi Arabia Limited (established in 1980 by The American Medical International Company that is one of the largest hospital management companies in the USA). In 2009, IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has partnered with Magrabi Hospitals & Centers to expand private eye care in MENA region, to address the need for high-quality ophthalmology services, and to bring world-class clinical and patient care to underdeveloped markets in the region. These two partnerships managing our hospitals in accordance with highest standards of service quality and patient safety. Magrabi Hospitals & Centers has been expanding to cover more of the Middle East & Africa, including 32 hospitals and centers, 8 of which are charitable, in nine countries. Magrabi ophthalmology team includes 300 physicians and 600 nurses. The facilities host 40 operating theaters. Over the years, MAGRABI Hospitals & Centers has become a symbol for excellence in the Eye, ENT and Dentistry care fields for its heritage, the most skilled internationally trained doctors, exceptional services, state-of-the-art technology and ultra modern facilities offering world-class healthcare.

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  • Dr.Saud Aljuhani Consultant Ophthalmology

    Al Rowdah Dist., Jaddah

    Dr. Saud Al-Juhani Consultant of Ophthalmology, "Blue Water - White Water - Correction of Vision" Saudi Physician - Over 18 years of experience in Ophthalmology. Received a Bachelor's Degree from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 2000. Ophthalmology in the Western Region He joined the fellowship program in the field of specialty glaucoma at King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh and was awarded it in 2012. He participated in the training program for ophthalmology in the Western Region and attended many local and international conferences and events. Scientific Committee and Member of the Organizing Committee of the Red Sea Conference of Ophthalmology 2018 RSOS2018 and Chairman of the Effectiveness (successes in the dark 2)

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  • Eye Specialist Center

    Prince Abdul Al Majeed Street, Al Hezam, Madinah

    Landmark beside King Fahd high school

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists

  • Al Bashawri Optical Centers

    Dhahran Street, Bareed Dist., Dammam

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists, Opticians - Dispensing Specialists

  • Al Kaff Clinics - Dr. Ali AlKaff

    Intersection King Abdullah With Othman Bin Affan Road, Nozhah DIST, Riyadh

    Landmark In Front of Al uwaidah palaces

    Category(s): Dispensaries & Medical Clinics, Ophthalmologists

  • Al Saggaf Eye Center

    Abdullah Salman St., Al Faiha'a Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists

  • Al Saif Eye Center

    Seihat, Dammam

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists

  • Al Saqqaf Ophthalmology Center

    Saheefah Dist., Jaddah

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists

  • Bin Rushd Ophthalmic Center

    Prince Sultan Rd, Umm Srar Dist., Khamis Mushait

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists

  • Bin Rushd Ophthalmic Center

    South Ring Road, Riyadh

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists

  • Bin Rushd Ophthalmic Center

    King Fahd Road,, Olaya Dist., Riyadh

    Landmark opposite King Fahad National Library

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists

  • Bin Rushd Speciaust Eye Center

    King Fahd Road, Riyadh

    Landmark Opp. King Fahad Laburari

    Category(s): Ophthalmologists