Abqaiq City Guide

Abqaiq is located in the eastern region on a width of 25 degrees, 56 minutes north, and a longitude of 50 degrees, 41 minutes east. It has an area of ??320 km 2.
The city of Abqaiq before the presence of oil is called "Baalah Abba al-Qa'adan" and after the discovery of oil through Saudi Aramco was named Baqeeq.
The town of Abqaiq is 75 km south of Dammam and is one of the most important cities in the region and has an average location between Dammam and Al Ahsa. Less than half a century old, Aramco then planned to be the headquarters of the company's employees.
According to the 2010 census, the population of the country is 195 people.
reason of calling
The reason for the designation of "Abqaiq" is the existence of an area called Baqa to the north of the present city of Baqeeq. This area is a source of water, and when it is present in this area, water remains as a spring. The planning of the town of Buqaiq was responsible for planning by Aramco, an American engineer, and he had elderly Arabs, and he told them what this area is called, they said this (bug), and this is any female and male. It is noteworthy that the name of Abqaiq, according to some sources to the fact that Abqaiq place of a house of convoys and scattered insect bugs, and so derived the name of the city.
Abqaiq and the renaissance of civilization and education
Abqaiq is one of the largest oil fields in the world. It was the first production of the well of Baqeeq, which has a capacity of 9720 barrels per day. It is 27 kilometers from the sea. The sea is the Arabian Gulf. The area is called the village. It is an area of ??Saudi Aramco that provides all the amenities and entertainment. There is a railway station connecting the train Dammam in Riyadh to Abqaiq and Al Ahsa. It has a 30-bed government hospital, two government clinics and three private clinics. As for educational renaissance there are schools for boys for primary, middle and secondary schools in Al-Madina and Al-Hajar in addition to the Educational Supervision Center, the Scout Commission and the Public Library opened by the Director of Education Department in the Eastern Region. There are also two schools for the memorization of the Koran, primary and intermediate, and there are schools to combat illiteracy, male and female.
Praise be to God, the talented Aramco company has a scientific visit to the city of Abqaiq and this is summarized:
First, we got to know the huge and dazzling pipeline network, some of which are up to 56 inches in diameter.
Second: we know how to extract oil by pumping water into the ground and because of the low oil density, the oil rises to the top and thus oil is extracted.
Third: Concentration columns: through which oil is separated from gas and water.
Fourth: Types of oil separation coefficient:
Circular coefficient.
Semi-circular coefficient.
Field of Abqaiq.
Ghawar Field.
Shaiba Field.
Safaniya field.
The Kingdom has more than 2,000 production fields of between 500 and 7 million barrels.
Sixth: Refineries:
And many more.
Seventh: Using steam: Steam is used to heat the boilers to move the electric turbines and raise the oil temperature to be separated from the gas.
Eighth: Power is generated by: -
Steam generators.
Combustion generators.
Combustion generators thermal combustion card.
Ninth: Beneficiaries of energy: -
Centers and Control Rooms.
Tenth: The reason for choosing Abqaiq to be the center of the purification plants: because it is above the field of Abqaiq and Ghwar.
Eleven: Abqaiq produces 68% of the world's oil and 68% of the world's production.
XII: Electronic Control Rooms:
Northern Control Room.
Southern Control Room.
Utility Control Room.
Traditional markets
There is a famous market called Abume market, which overlooks the expensive markets, and there is the Friday market, which begins after Friday prayers until the next day of Saturday, and this weekly market is located behind the bouqaiq secondary, and this market combines past and present. There are also modern markets such as Banda and Baqiq Mall (sports cities) and there is a project to establish a sports city named after Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Jalawi, Prince of the Eastern region previously, but this project is still under study.

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