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Dammam city is located on the east coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Arabian Gulf, only a distance of 10 kilometers from the city of Khobar and 17 kilometers from the city of Qatif. Dammam has been in past centuries one of the crowded sites as evidenced by archeological items found there.

Since 1341H (1922G), Dammam began its development and took the shape of large cities. It became an important and significant center for many of the tribes scattered in the eastern region of the Kingdom and some neighboring countries.

The most important factors that helped to speed Dammam city development, in addition to its unique location on the Arabian Gulf, were its proximity to the first oil production sites and the headquarters of the oil industry there. So, Dammam was chosen to become a location for establishment of many vital facilities required for modern life. Several government departments were established there such as Emirate Headquarters, Customs Department, Minerals Office, Public Works, Security Stations, Coast Guard and Dammam Municipality.

Also, some of the factors that accelerated the process of development and steady growth of Dammam city are Dammam Port on the Arabian Gulf which was prepared to accommodate huge vessels arriving from all over the world, and the railway that runs from the port and ending in Riyadh through Abqaiq, Ahsa and Hofuf.

In 1947, the Saudi Arabian oil company (Aramco) was established. Later after this date, Aramco started planning the city of Dammam is a modern location that needs to cope with the anticipated growth in the region. .Dammam was also one of the first areas that enjoyed electricity. Since this time Dammam entered an important phase of the comprehensive renaissance in all facilities of life and became the capital of the eastern region populating a large number of citizens from various regions of the Kingdom and a lot of different communities

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