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  • Environmental Envelope for Trading Est.

    Aisha Aisha off Palestine Street behind Bridgestone, Palestine St., Jaddah

    Environmental Envelope for Trading Est.
    Establishment of the Environmental Envelope for Trading in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Jeddah The main activity of the Corporation is the supply, installation and maintenance of brake control systems from crushing and concrete mixers (Dry Textile Filters) in Saudi Arabia. Spare parts for the maintenance of filters and their systems and the implementation of annual maintenance contracts for existing filters.

    The Environmental Envelopment Corporation for Trade is one of the seven institutions operating in the Kingdom and authorized by the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection to exercise this type of activity and In order to comply with the European and American regulations in the supply and installation of anti-polluting systems from crushers and asphalt mixers, the Corporation has carried out many installation projects for filters in the major companies of the crushers and throughout the Kingdom. This has earned a good reputation, Relative covenant

    Category(s): Cement , Gypsum, Crushers, Truck Equipment & Parts