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Megaduct Factory

Address: Industrial Area, Madinah

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In the prosperity of our economy, which keeps pace with urban development in Saudi Arabia and in a way that preserves our national identity. In 2014 MegaDec was established as an air conditioning manufacturing company based in Madinah using state-of-the-art machinery and technology and the highest international standards.  MegaDict seeks to win the trust of its customers as a leading national entity dedicated to meeting the aspirations of all its partners in the success of high quality, innovation and realization of Vision 2030.  Where we have the capacity to produce 200 tons per month, and in the case of increasing demand from the market we have the ability to meet the increase with the skilled workforce and advanced technology available at MegaDict Our vision is to lead the air conditioning industry in the entire Gulf region by adhering to all HVAC standards, international standards and HSE regulations, and becoming a strong regional player in HVAC.  Our mission is to enhance customer service with all our capabilities and capabilities, and to provide high quality products and fast delivery, commitment to delivery of products on time, through the best human resources and high technology excellence.

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