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Al Omran Industries & Trading Co.

Address: Qubah Road, Madinah

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Al'Omran Co‭. ‬For industrial‭ & ‬Trading Owned More Than 12‭ ‬Showroom With Their Products additional to Their Distributors‭, ‬Which allow for it to be spread allover the Kingdom‭, ‬the quality of the Products also made us invade the export markets with all trust and success‭, ‬to achieve with this a stated place in Air-conditions and Coolers world‭, ‬Testified by our‭ ‬Agents in external Markets‭.‬ Al‭, ‬Omran Co‭. ‬for Industrial‭ & ‬trading Owned Huge team for‭ ‬ Maintenance‭, ‬enable it to Provide after Sales Services in Completed side‭, ‬also the maintenance team reach the customer where ever his Place in the right and Suitable time‭.‬ Al'Omran Co‭. ‬For Industrial‭ & ‬Trading Guarantee its Products Form any Manufacturing defects‭. ‬Also the Company Provide to its Kind Customers all Kinds of Spear Parts for its Products‭.‬



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