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Al Wajeeh Holding Company

Address: Aziziyah Dist, Khamis Mushait

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Al-Wajeh Holding Company is a Saudi classified company working in the field of industry, trade and contracting. It was established as an institution on 1989/08/24 under the Commercial Registration No. 5850008752 and then it became a limited liability company on 11/11 / 2005H then turned to Al-Wajih Holding Company on 01/04/2013. And managed by hands and cadres with a distinct and extensive experience in the field of industry, trade and construction.
Al Wajeh Holding is one of the largest and most prestigious contracting companies in the Kingdom in general and in the southern region in particular. Its roots extend to more than two decades. It is always striving for development, which combines the originality, long experience, development and use of the latest construction methods and technology in the work.
It is also ISO 9001: 2008 certified
        The activities of Al Wajih Holding are not limited to construction work, construction, bridges, roads, telecommunications, electronic and electrical works, dams, maintenance and water and sewage works, but extends to specialized activities and complementary to contracting activities such as prefabricated concrete plant, blocks, concrete products, Procurement and warehouse, which includes primary and secondary materials and all necessary labor requirements to provide the highest quality work and the best image.

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