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Kubota Saudi Arabia Company,LLC

Address: 2nd Industrial City, Dammam

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Kubota Saudi Arabia Company, LLC, (KSACO), was founded in December of 2009 as the supplier of heat resistant cast steel products which are mainly used by the petrochemical industries. Manufacturing will start in July, 2010. Kubota's brands of alloys from raw materials to finished products are manufactured under one roof in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. KSACO is part of Kubota Materials Division KSACO is the joint venture both Kubota Corporation of Osaka, Japan, and Tharawat Development Company (TDC) of Saudi Arabia and part of the Materials Division of Kubota. This group of independent operations manufactures products in steel, iron, and plastic for industry around the world. All in one facility with centrifugal casting process Centrifugal Casting Process KSACO controls all aspects of the manufacturing process. Starting with raw materials, melting and casting metal, machining, welding, inspection and preparation for shipment are all done under one roof. Kubota produces tubes using centrifugal casting process. Metal is poured into a hollow steel die spinning fast enough to force the metal against the inside surface. The metal freezes very rapidly, from the outside in. This process ensures that all impurities or gases "float" to the inside surface. Once these impurities are removed by machining, the remaining metal is very sound with a very fine grain structure. Most of the tubes produced are made into pressure containing assemblies for fired heaters in the petrochemical industry. These tubes will be pull-bored and beveled for welding in our shop.

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