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Salsabel Estern Trading Group

Address: Khodariyah Dist., Dammam

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Special offer from Salsabeel for Water Desalination in Holy Ramadan Discount of 40% on the most powerful home water-desalination device in the Kingdom in addition to three valuable gifts Special discount of SR 1650 instead of SR 2750 for PURE Water Desalination Device, which works in both Nanotechnology and Reverse Oscillation, together with three valuable gifts. 1st Gift: Hot and cold water Cooler 2nd Gift: The smart flask which is connected directly so as to automatically fill the refrigerator. 3rd gift: Shower filter for shower water treatment for curing hair loss and skin itching. 10 years warranty in addition to a regular maintenance program every four months with a certified guarantee certificate. Free installation and delivery on the company expenss For inquiries, please call 0545504918

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