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Zakaria Abdul Khaliq Al Garousha Furniture Factory Co.

Address: 1st. Industrial - The fifth stage, Industrial Area, Jaddah

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We are the Zakaria Abdul Khalek Al Garousha Inheritors Factory Company for Wooden Furniture would like to you our sincere thanks & appreciation for choosing us to present for you this offer… In the attachments you find our catalogue for this year, also you can visit our page on Facebook (Al Garoush Company) to know more about our products. In addition to that, we are pleased to present to you some basic facts about our industry. - We are a national factory approved & authorized by Ministry of Commerce & Industry under license No. (148). - Products long life warranty against industrial defects. - Our factory location is inside the official industrial city, that authorized by the government, not in non-licensed popular areas. - All payments deliver in the company name (This action to guarantee owner rights). - We keen to maintain our products by packaging the cartons. - Our motto is high quality, speed delivery, competitive prices and elegant design… that what we inspired it from our 24 years long experience… - Flexibility & easiness in (Assemble & Reassemble – Cleaning). - We produced more than 85.000 residential units allover the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. - Modern automation in all production stages.


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